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Remote Radio Innovation Capability nears completion with Brexons Limited support

As part of a radio capability with functionality from RAF Waddington there was a requirement to install hardware at a remote transmitter location in order to ensure sufficient communications coverage was established. As part of the install work the RAF had attempted to utilise some legacy concrete pits and associated ducts which were supposed to provide a routing between the antennas and transmitter hall for the aerial cable. Despite significant efforts from within their workforce they simply didn’t have the skills or equipment in order assess the issue and subsequently rectify any existing damage.


The project Sponsor was then referred to the Civils Department within Brexons Limited. Tom Hammond said ‘Brexons have provided outstanding support from the outset of this project. From being met on site by the incredibly knowledgeable Project Manager, through to the submission of detailed engineering drawings I knew that I was in safe hands with Brexons. Brexons project managed the entirety of the civils works and the complexity and remoteness of the task must not be underestimated. Despite being provided with Site drawings for the location, it transpired that the information provided was inaccurate and that due to the age of the Site there were no existing ducts, and the legacy pits were not fit for purpose. Despite these setbacks Brexons delivered on time, within budget and the results speak for themselves. A huge thanks to Brexons for this work.’


The timely completion of these works ensure that the project remains on track and that the capability should deliver tangible results sometime in 2024.


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