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Careers At Brexons

Brexons are a fast-growing Company, with an impressive list of clients from a wide variety of business sectors. We invest in the latest technologies and no two days at work are the same. We care a great deal about our staff and culture and ensure people are fulfilled in their roles and actively get the opportunity to develop their skills. We invest time and money in training and ensure we bring out the best in people.

We recognise the role that each individual plays in winning and retaining customers so we ensure that our successes are shared at every level throughout the business.

We have developed a philosophy that embraces change, nurtures new thinking, encourages personal development and actively promotes teamwork. This approach enables us to continually develop the expertise of every employee to ensure that they possess the skills, personalities and drive to add value to our business and our Clients.

Brexons is a progressive employer offering exciting career opportunities, feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss our current vacancies.


Each day is never the same and this is something that I thoroughly enjoy as it allows you to use your initiative and think outside of the box to achieve results. A large number of diverse customers ensures that I am continually learning and expanding upon my knowledge and experience; which reminds me of why I accepted the opportunity to work for Brexons.

Working on the MoD Project has been a great opportunity to utilise my existing skills, as well as, gain new ones. I am fortunate to work alongside highly talented and experienced Engineers and there is a sense of a close-knit family unit. I am never short of support from my fellow Brexons team members.

Craig Bourne

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