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Brexons Ltd Receive World-renowned Ekahau Accreditation

Engineers at Brexons Ltd have completed Ekahau’s world-renowned training in wireless design. With our newly-accredited Ekahau Certified Survey Engineers, we can help businesses better manage their Wi-Fi connections. With the rise in wireless-only technology, Ekahau claims ‘75% of wireless networks aren’t able to keep up with the demands’. In the digital age, it’s critical to have a reliable wireless connection – whether that’s for your employees or visitors to access. That’s where the brand’s hardware and software products, combined with our recently-acquired expertise, can help.

About Ekahau

With a mission to ‘rid the world of bad Wi-Fi’, Ekahau have been at the forefront of Wi-Fi technology for 20 years and are committed to helping businesses achieve more by having better network performance. Ekahau’s Wi-Fi design solutions have been used by the likes of Google, IBM and Microsoft to name a few. They’re a globally trusted innovator that helps to power the biggest enterprises.

What does our training mean for your business?

It’s all about designing and maintaining wireless networks for success. Leveraging AI data, we can help identify the optimum AP placement for your network.

Brexons Ltd is now fully equipped to ensure businesses don’t just supply Wi-Fi, but that they have a reliable, high-performing network that continuously meets demand. Our engineers are fully qualified to use the best products to design, validate, optimise and troubleshoot your businesses’ Wi-Fi.

What Brexons can help with:

  • Design and validation

  • Ongoing health checks and troubleshooting

From getting your Wi-Fi to cover more ground if your business extends beyond a single building to accurately measuring network performance, we can help. We can also identify and address potential problems before they result in outages. Lack of internet connectivity could result in significant productivity and revenue loss for any business which is why it’s important to provide this service.

As your needs change over time, Brexons Ltd qualified Wi-Fi specialists can help your business adapt. We’re equipped with the knowledge and accurate data tools.

Need help with your wireless network?

Our newly ECSE-certified engineers can help. Contact us to find out more about our Wireless Connection Services and how Brexons can ensure your business is sufficiently equipped and prepared.

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