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Assumptions & Exclusions

Unless otherwise specified and agreed in writing between the parties, our tender
or quotation submission is based on the following assumptions and exclusions.
For ease of reading, our assumptions and exclusions are grouped under
commercial and general/technical sub headings.
• This tender or quotation remains valid and fixed for the duration of the project.
The prices are net, non-discountable and subject to alteration and revision
without notice in the case of errors and omissions. Or
• The prices within this tender or quotation are valid for 30 days only. The prices
are net, non-discountable and subject to alteration and revision without notice in
the case of errors and omissions.
• This tender is issued on the condition that all details received are correct, and
that the customer will meet all their statutory requirements, with regards to
health and safety management.
• Our price may be subject to change should the programme deviate from that
advised at time of tender. e.g. downtime, repeat visits etc.
• Interim applications for payment will be made against an agreed payment
schedule. • In the event of order cancellation, any handling and/or restocking
fees levied by our supply partners will become payable by the customer.
• Non-standard portfolio products will subject to a 100% cancellation/handling
charge payable by yourselves.
• All materials and services, other than those stated within this tender are

• Once an order has been received, any variations or changes must be

confirmed by a valid instruction that agrees the addition and/or omission.
• Due to fluctuations in currencies and/or the price of raw materials, prices may
be subject to review should they fluctuate by more than (+/- 2.5%). In the case
of copper, the price will be benchmarked against the LME rate at the date of our
• On receipt of an official order we will require a period of 10 working days’
notice prior to works commencing on site, subject to any manufacturer lead
• Should any of the above assumptions be deemed as incorrect, they should be
identified prior to works commencing.
• Professional services are supplied with a 5 working day warranty from the date
of project completion/sign off. Any support related issues that arise after this
period are chargeable in the absence of a conjoining support contract

• BREXONS LTD is compliant with Construction (Design and Management)
Regulations 2015, when working as a Contractor.
• All works will be carried out to Industry Standards and/or Manufacturer’s
• To complete our works, free and unrestricted access is required to all
associated areas.
• Works will be undertaken in normal working hours i.e. Monday to Friday 08:00 –
• Where practical, a safe, secure and dry storage area is required for materials at
no extra cost.
• No work will commence on site until a full site survey has been undertaken.
• Delivery time slots are to be provided by the main contractor, with access to
the site and lifts at no extra cost.
• All access to the cabinets and frames once cabling has been installed, tested
and terminated will be on a permit to work basis controlled by BREXONS LTD.
• No cable protection is offered within the vertical cable risers unless this can be
controlled by a permit to work due to unknown factors, such as programme of
works, other services etc.
• BREXONS LTD are required to attend site when other works are to be carried
out in areas where cables have been installed in containment and/or under false
• Floor box mounting plates must have cut outs of 22x37mm with four cuts per
floor box to accommodate LJ6c Category 6 RJ45 modules and shutters.
• To avoid chargeable revisits to site, any items provided by others and including
customer free issued items, shall be supplied so as not to cause any delay with
our programme.
• Where we are requested to coil cables (as opposed to issuing delay notices)
due to non-readiness of others BREXONS LTD will charge for the additional
materials and double handling as a variation.
• Use of patch leads sourced from a differing manufacturer to the installed
structured cabling system can cause damage to the pins within either the patch
panel or outlet, replacement products and/or remedial works will not be covered
by any manufacturer or installation warranty.
• Normal utility services e.g. 110/240v power supply, welfare & messing facilities
will be provided without cost.
• All containment is to be supplied by others and will be unobstructed, suitable
for purpose and complete prior to attending site.

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